sábado, 13 de febrero de 2010

Dreaming Upside Down

I was burning up to fall apart
And the walls fall down around my heart
Now I'm feeling sick
It's always something lately
I was broken down but still looked good
I was kissing clocks, you knew I would
Now I'm feeling scared
Someone say that they miss this
The night is young
We wait for love
Upside down we dream
At home we sleep
And wait to leave
Upside down we dream
And we, are, all brighter than stars back home
Don't leave so fast
Don't leave so fast
I was in the sun but feeling cold
I was grabbing tight but lost a hold
Now who'd wanna stay?
Yeah well we're all here changing
I was ripped apart but held by glue
I was full of lies but spoke the truth
Now I've lost myself
Oh I forgot how this felt

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